Here I Am

As I child, I went to Roman Catholic mass. Every Saturday, my family and I would go together. Afterwards, we would eat in Burger King. If my siblings and I were really lucky, we would eat at our favorite Japanese restaurant.

At church, I learned songs. For instance,

I, who made the stars of night/I will make their darkness bright/Who will bear my light to them/Whom shall I send?

Here I am, Lord/Is it I, Lord/I have heard you calling in the night/I will go, Lord, if you lead me/I will hold your people in my heart (Schutte, 1981)

As a child, I am just happily singing. As an adult, I know what I am singing. God is asking, “Who am I going to send?” We are basically singing, “Send me! Here I am for you, Lord. I will love them, I will hold them in my heart.” I was just looking forward to going to Burger King back then.

I’ve been able to observe cognitive decline at work. It’s just like life. There will be good days. There will be beautiful days, but not everyday will be perfect. People aren’t perfect. There will also be bad days, and then there will be very bad days. Then one day, they will be gone.

You don’t know that your love can make people cry. Your power is in your love. Sing to them, sing with them – dance, laugh, smile. They can feel your love, even if they can’t show it. See past the exterior. It matters, it counts.


Schutte, D. (1981). Here I Am, Lord.

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