What is Throwbax?

The definition of “throwback” from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

The definition of “Throwback Thursday” from the Urban Dictionary:

My 4th Grade Basketball Photo (a.k.a. “Flashin’ Round 1 of Braces”)

So… a “throwback” song will take us back in time, and multiple songs – throwbacks. Aren’t there moments we want to “throw” ourselves “back” to? Those moments I consider treasure, and I hope we all become rich in that sense. Music promotes moments and memories. Every day we have the opportunity to create experiences for others, and don’t we want them to be beautiful? How nice, also, when songs become embedded in those memorable life experiences.

Whenever we forget the beauty in our past, that is when music is life. This company is not only for persons with Alzheimer’s disease, but for anyone who forgets.