What is Throwbax?

Hello! Hola! Kamusta! Hallo! Olá! Kon’nichiwa! Nǐ hǎo!

Along with however you say hello, my name is Christine Rapadas Jimenez, and I like to put the Rapadas there in the middle because it is the part of my name that is uncommon. I am proud to say that I am Filipina, from the Philippines, 1/8 Chinese, and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a complete and wonderful name, Christine Noelle Miranda Rapadas Jimenez, rooted in the culture and faith of my ancestors. Now that my family can be happy because they can see that they are all represented in my name, I can start to talk about my company. Knowing me, I will probably edit this at a later date anyway, based on proper feedback 🙂

I founded this company because of a misconception: the aging and chronically ill are goners and don’t count. Related to this idea is another mistaken belief that music is insignificant to the general care of these inviduals. I discovered, “There is life there – and a lot of it – and sometimes music is that life.

The definition of “throwback” from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

The definition of “Throwback Thursday” from the Urban Dictionary:

My 4th Grade Basketball Photo (a.k.a. “Flashin’ Round 1 of Braces”)

So… a “throwback” song will take us back in time, and “throwbacks” are songs. Throwbax is not only about savoring memories through music. The company is also about creating new experiences with music, so that we want to “throw” ourselves “back” to these times. Finally, the company is about the act of giving, because what we give gets “thrown back” to us more abundantly.